IMVU glitches and informations you did not know

One little problem about imvu is the messenger integrated within the game, it uses a lot of memory and can decreases the speed of your machine even after you finished your gaming schedule.

If you have problems logging in to your account, the game crashes, the pc restarts or it freezes, you have to check your firewall. If the firewall is already off you need to check your antivirus settings and add an exception in the antivirus software or disable it completely while you are playing. You can try Microsoft Essential instead of any paid version of an antivirus program. That should keep you safe from viruses as you are playing.

If you are ever wondering about what makes IMVU such a popular game it is because of various things such as advanced management in marketing, or the freedom that you can have such as creating and selling your own creations, which is a very catchy attribute to any game. What makes it stand out if the crowd are the numerous avatars, designs and environments from which you can choose from.

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