IMVU Hack 2018 Online - SAFE Free IMVU Credits

You have seen a lot of great things on imvu that you can use for your avatar and for your own happiness, but you can't afford them ? You want them so hard that you will be able to kill someone to have them. Happily, you will not have to kill anyone because there is a new way of having those IMVU products for free. We will teach you how to get a lot of credits without spending any money. The imvu hack 2018 online version will teach you how to get free real imvu credits in no time. Since its release, the program has helped a small group of people, but now we are ready to deliver it to the public.



IMVU Credits Generator

The world of IMVU is a big place which is constantly growing. A free imvu credits solution would benefit so many. What we really need a long-lasting online imvu hack. This implemented "glitch" will keep our program forever safe without being banned. Other hacks of this type can be found on internet at really high prices and they do not worth buying since they are not very stable. Unfortunately, these are not created by professionals. Also, some people are selling their stuff on imvu at outstanding prices which forced us even more in creating such imvu online hacks for free credits.


IMVU Credits Hack No Survey Video Demonstration

The simple fact that you have actually to pay to change your damn name on imvu is just enough to motivate us to deliver such IMVU hacking software to the public. Money do not grow in trees, not at the moment. The people who created IMVU felt into the habit of greediness and they just want more and more money. This is inhuman. Everybody has to live and to live we need money. The imvu 2018 hack onlien version is here to help you have more balance within the metaverse of IMVU.

How To Use The IMVU hack 2018 Online?

It is important to state that as long as you are using this program it will not be the same as before. What we mean is things will be different, but not in a bad way. The overall gameplay experience is drastically altered. You change how you interact with others, you will have different reactions. The entire world of imvu will be a new changed one with new conventions different from the ones you are used to. If you are afraid to make these changes than you should stay away from the imvu online hack. We recommend to try it, but if you do not like you will just have to try hard in stop using it.


A Simplest IMVU Hack 2018

This IMVU hack online is very easy to use. In a few clicks you can make it deliver credits into your account. After you opened it you will be required to enter you username. Secondly, after you pressed the connect button, you have to select the number of credits to be added. Click generate and afterward click Add and the second process of adding the credits will start. Voila! You can now check to see if the credits are aded into your account. The imvu credit hack may sometimes fail due to high volume of users that are using in in the same time. you have to try again and will surely work the second time.




The link posted above is the website where the latest version of the imvu hack without survey has been posted for the public. In the new version the program has a lot of features that will make your account less risky. Using this version it is impossible to get banned while using the free generated imvu credits. First and foremost, you have the option to activate the proxy server which will erase any trace of you to our online hack. But even more important, we now have the payment emulation method which makes this imvu hack 2018 the safest hack for any game you will ever play.

IMVU Beginner's Tutorial PART 2

This is part 2 of a big IMVU tutorial for newcomers. Click here for PART 1. In the first half of the tutorial I left right before the My Room icon and we have just finished talking about the Chat Rooms. This is what follows now.

My Room

This is where you can invite people to private chats. Clicking on the My Room icon will take you to your very own personal chat room. The yellow dots that are being highlighted as you move the cursor are the so called standing points. Click on any yellow spot and your avatar will move to. There are different positions for different points. You can invite here any of your friends to a private chat. Even people who aren't your friends. This room can be changed and edited.

Now you have unlocked all the tabs. Inbox is where you can private message people. You also have a set of sub-tabs such as Friend Requests, Missed Chat Invites and Matches. Matches is basically the same thing as on tinder website. Chat Now will randomly match you with someone around the world who is also looking to chat. Be careful with this because you can be matched with literally anybody. They may not even speak English. Friends Tab is to show you all of your friends.


Get Matched is the same thing as in Tinder. You will be shown a list of people and you skip or approve them one by one based on their profile picture.


You can click on the right arrow and go to the next set of tabs.

My Profile

This is your little card. If someone clicks on your avatar they will have the option to see this profile. You can edit it as you like by filling up various conventional fields such as an Introduction Message, Interests, Relationship.

Our Room

This can be unlocked only if you purchase the Marriage Package with real money. Same thing with the Shared Room. You can share this with another avatar and together decorate the room. Find People is where you can search someone by their avatar name. Photo Stream opens up a new link and is basically an Instagram kind of thing where you share your picture. Photos is where you can put your photos album. Walk Off is a game similar to Bejewelled. Settings is where you change various settings such as 'Run IMVU on Windows Startup' and other. Groups will take you to an external link and you can join groups based on interests, hobbies, etc. On the last icons page you have another 4 tabs.

Create is where you can create items for the store. Music - IMVU has a separate music thing where you can play music in chat-rooms. Pulse is a Facebook ripoff minus the Like button. The last thing is Earn Credits which will also take you to an external link. I really suggest to never ever clicking on it because it's useless. It's gonna take you to a page where is going to tell you to do various things for free credits. The truth is that you never ever really get any credits. 


Everybody who starts on a new account will have this Guest_ tag in the front of your actual username. You can purchase either VIP of a registered name to take that away and have just your username.


That was all for now, thanks for taking your time in reading this and see you on the next IMVU tutorial.


IMVU Beginner's Tutorial PART 1

As soon as you go to the signup page on IMVU you will be seeing a screen with pre-made males and females avatars. Above the main screen you also have a set of options. Clicking on them will reveal more avatar categories and styles. For instance you can go to Special Occasions. Here you can dress up for a wedding or for a beach day. Another options are Endless Summer, Cosplay, What's Hot, The Dark Side, Furdom and Street Swang. After this step you will be required to pick up the account/avatar username. Quick Tip: Before you even start create your account, I recommend using a new email different from your personal email. Why? Because IMVU has the pleasure to send you lots of spammy, pointless emails and you don't want that mixed within your personal stuff. At least this is how I made my second account on IMVU. You will want to connect this email with your IMVU account to receive free 1500 IMVU credits. For your avatar name try to choose something catchy and short. After you completed all the required fields from this signup page you will be taken to a new page.

On this new page you will want to click on the Download IMVU Now button to download the IMVU client. Once the download is complete you will see the IMVU client login window. What the client really is? The client is basically the non-website version that everyone chats on. Here are where the chat-rooms are, where you can dress up your avatar, create your rooms and more. Login using your signup details. A new window will pop-up.

You have more features that need to be unlocked, earning free credits with each unlocking. First you have the Dress Up feature that is not locked. Dress Up is the hub where you make your avatar the way you want to make it look. Here you can also change your gender, your clothing, your hair, makeup, fingernails. You can basically change everything. There are even body modifications. And then if you still haven't found everything you want in Dress Up and the Shop combined, there's creating.

Here you have your avatar preview along with other filters for easier navigation. 


  • Recently Added
  • Wearing
  • All Categories
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Hairstyles
  • Eyes
  • Heads
  • Skins
  • Avatars
  • Actions
  • Pets

When you first create your account you already have these. All Categories will show you everything you have available. It is not a broad collection, but there are some decent stuff. After you exit the Dress Up the next feature will be unlocked.


To fully enjoy this feature you need real life money. If you don't have it don't bother too much with it. If you do however have the money, you can spend real money towards getting things called IMVU Credits. Credits are credits you can spend on yourself and friends, while promo credits are credits you were rewarded through IMVU and can only be spent on yourself.


Below your character preview, you have the items that you are currently wearing. Clicking on "X" icon will remove them. On the top right side of the screen above the items window you have a number of tabs for different categories. On the left down corner of each item you have a heart shaped icon. Clicking on it will add the item to the wishlist. Outfits are things that other IMVU people made. Exiting the shop will unlock the next feature.


As I wrote earlier credits are things you can buy with real life money. IMVU does not give you credits for good deals. For free IMVU credits see this post. Until the previous year you were able to buy credits at a cheaper price through the so called resellers. IMVU took out the option to purchase credits via this method. Now it's time to go to the forth unlocked feature.

Chat Rooms

This is where everything happens. This is where you meet friends, foes. You create your life through IMVU Chat Rooms. Left side is the search bar. When you start a brand new account, you're gonna get a "Welcome to IMVU!" big yellow squared message. This will give you three separate rooms that you can go into and meet new players like yourself. You will there be able to make friends while learning more things about how to use IMVU, about the chat interface. Apart from these three pre-made chat rooms you also have the chat rooms that are created by other IMVU users. People as yourself create these rooms. To enter a room you need to click GO. Click Info if you would like to see who is in the room, the room description, who created the room, the language spoken in the room and also a room rating system. Now it's time to unlock the next feature. However, we are going to do this in the Part 2 of this tutorial.


Social Games that worth a try

There are a lot on social games on the internet, some re good some are bad, but there are some that really worth a try. During my journey on finding a good one, apart from the most common ones as IMVU and Second Life. A common one where there are mostly kids to be found in Here you can get along with a great community especially if you are a kid. It is recommended to start here before you go into sites like IMVU. Second Life and IMVU are mainly for adults. is a great choice if you want to get along with virtual social worlds. is one other great choice if you want something a little more different from  habbo. Personally, I found neopets more entertaining and more catchy than habbo. It is your choice, you should try both of them and see which one catches your attention more.

A great game especially for fashionable girls is The developers took care of many aspects regarding fashion, style and look. There were even controversy articles on the internet about this game as it promotes the idea of surgery for a better looking body and for a more successful and happier life. So if you are a girl and want to get into something serious regarding fashion and look you can try this one out. Maybe you will help you enhance your fashion knowledge and develop your tastes.


IMVU glitches and informations you did not know

One little problem about imvu is the messenger integrated within the game, it uses a lot of memory and can decreases the speed of your machine even after you finished your gaming schedule.

If you have problems logging in to your account, the game crashes, the pc restarts or it freezes, you have to check your firewall. If the firewall is already off you need to check your antivirus settings and add an exception in the antivirus software or disable it completely while you are playing. You can try Microsoft Essential instead of any paid version of an antivirus program. That should keep you safe from viruses as you are playing.

If you are ever wondering about what makes IMVU such a popular game it is because of various things such as advanced management in marketing, or the freedom that you can have such as creating and selling your own creations, which is a very catchy attribute to any game. What makes it stand out if the crowd are the numerous avatars, designs and environments from which you can choose from.